Breads of life’s simple pleasures. At ARYZTA, we help in-store bakery and foodservice operators meet the needs and taste buds of consumers with our expansive array of traditional and of-the-moment bread offerings using only the highest quality ingredients.

Artisan and Specialty Breads

Artisan and Specialty Breads

Today’s consumers are adventurous, enjoying classics like golden-crusted French baguette and innovations like single varietal and organic wheat with equal enthusiasm. When it comes to artisan and specialty breads, consumers want it all: new flavors, ethnic influences, fusions between cultures, authenticity, environmental and social responsibility, whole grains, ancient grains, local sourcing, nutrition, creativity, and specialness. At ARYZTA, we deliver it all.

Sandwich Rolls

Sandwich Rolls and Buns, Dinner Rolls, Sliced Breads

There’s nothing ordinary about our rolls, sliced breads, and buns. The roll category is experiencing growth and innovation through different renditions of familiar varieties, both traditional and savory. And consumer demand for sandwiches has led to new flavor combinations that demand the perfect sandwich carrier. We have a flavor and shape for every craving – from traditional sandwich breads and buns to on-trend offerings like our hearth-baked mini sandwich rolls for sliders and breakfast sandwiches.


Flatbreads and Naan

Flatbreads are a new and versatile addition to any table – the perfect base for creative appetizers and entrees, table bread with dipping sauces, or sandwiches with a twist. This high growth category satisfies consumers at every daypart – from breakfast to dinner. Light and flavorful, ARYZTA flatbreads are made with the highest quality ingredients and sprouted whole wheat flour.


Bagels, English Muffins, Croissants

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day, and busy consumers are looking for convenient breakfast and snack options that are portable and taste great. ARYZTA can help foodservice operators build breakfast and snacking sales with versatile and delicious bagels, English muffins, crumpets, and croissants. And we keep innovating! Our newest addition – the Pretzel Bagel – enables operators to capitalize on the growth of pretzel rolls. It’s a twist on the classic convenience of a bagel with the taste and flavor of a pretzel.


Pretzel Bagel

The Right Format for your Operation

ARYZTA offers every bread format so we can meet each unique operation’s needs: Frozen dough, mixes, par-baked loaves and rolls, Take and Bake, and freshly-baked breads.


With Nutrition in Mind

We aim to deliver trustworthy nutrition in foods people already love by using simpler ingredients and both old and new grain technologies. Our offerings include whole grains, organic options, and sprouted grains – and our bakers are focused on innovations with clean labels and simple, quality ingredients.

Looking for branded breads? Visit our brand sites to see how our industry-leading brands can add to your bottom line.

We help drive sales

Bread displays. Point-of-sale materials. Recipe Development. Packaging. As a trusted partner, ARYZTA works with operators to develop a comprehensive and customized merchandising program to drive sales and boost impulse purchases.

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